Zunaid Lombard, (born 9th September 1994), professionally known as Lil Trix, is a South African recording artist and music producer from the south of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Lil Trix established an interest in arts at an early age, experimenting in various creative departments including film making, game creation, graphic design, poetry and music. Growing up, Trix became more dedicated and involved in music, eventually forming a duo with his older cousin Iezy at the age of 11, dubbing themselves as Illuzion. Trix would eventually continue to record music as a solo artist using only a Nintendo Wii microphone and trained himself to use various digital audio workstations. Trix would often record on downloaded instrumentals until finally practicing his own production after acquiring his sister’s old Casio keyboard synthesizer that was nearly thrown away.

Lil Trix recorded two mixtapes a month apart from each other at the age of 14 in 2009 titled Who Is Lil Trix and The Elevation. Both mixtapes were produced and mixed entirely by Trix, and were sold solely to his peers. Trix’s third and fourth mixtapes My Autobiography and The Lil Trix Display would be released in the same manner later that year and early 2010 respectively.


A few months later, Lil Trix then began the Trixtape series. The first two Trixtapes consisted of freestyles over popular US artists’ instrumentals, such as Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable” and Rihanna’s “What’s My Name”, and were handed out for free to his peers and other schools. Trixtape II would later be released online as a free download in early 2011 and consisted of four original bonus tracks produced by Trix.


Lil Trix’s seventh mixtape Trixtape III was released online for free in October 2011. However, Trixtape III would differ from the previous Trixtape entries with it being a full self-produced project.


Lil Trix made his radio debut in April/May 2011 after appearing on YFM’s Hot 99 hip-hop chart with Moos for their song “How Many MC’s”, in which Trix featured and produced. The song managed to hit the number 1 spot for 3 consecutive weeks.


Following the release of Lil Trix’s seventh mixtape Trixtape III, Blayze signed Trix onto his independent label Blayze Entertainment in November 2011, which he remained an artist and producer on the label until mid-2013.

Lil Trix was also featured on 5FM’s Power Nights chart in March 2012 as well as an interview with Moos for their song “Trouble”, featuring and produced by Trix. “Trouble” made it to the number 1 spot.

Lil Trix’s debut single under Blayze Entertainment “Red, Black & White” would later also appear on YFM's Hot 99 hip-hop chart.


Thus far, Lil Trix has made appearances on Good Morning Africa on AfricaMagic, YoTV on SABC1, and ShizNiz on eTV, where he was a finalist in the ShizNiz Mixtape Competition in 2012.


Lil Trix began his tertiary education at the Academy of Sound Engineering at the SABC in 2013 to help advance his understanding in the technical department of music.


In March 2013, Lil Trix released his eighth mixtape, and first under Blayze Entertainment, Colour Me Bad. The self-produced mixtape featured the singles “Red, Black & White”, “OULIK”, “Promises” and “Dreams Do Come True” with notable guest appearances from Blayze, Gigi LaMayne, Hydro, BYLWANSTA and Mariechan of the group, Jamali. A documentary was recorded and released by Trix in anticipation of the mixtape that contained footage of the making of the mixtape, which was included on a DVD packaged with a limited number of hard copies of the mixtape.

In 2014, Lil Trix appeared alongside Slikour, one of the founding members of the record breaking South African hip-hop group Skwatta Kamp, on LiveAmp and SkyRoomLive on SABC1. Trix also starred in and released a short film in collaboration with the street-wear brand The Uniconz in late 2014.

In September 2015, Lil Trix officially signed with African Star Communications for public relations and released his debut music video for his single "HARD" which premiered on Channel O. Trix has since appeared in the Sunday World paper in 2015 for his single “HARD”, and the Woza Weekend paper in 2016 for his single “Wonderful”, which featured Rouge, Slikour and 2012 Idols’ runner-up Melissa Allison.

In 2016, Lil Trix was announced as one of the 7 freshman for HYPE Magazine’s first freshman issue in 2017. He made an appearance on the cover of the February/March/April issue as well as a full page article.

Lil Trix released his debut EP in 2017 titled ZULO, combining the first two letters of his full name and surname, featuring notable guest appearances from fellow HYPE freshman J.S.K XXVI and BYLWANSTA, as well as award-winning rapper Solo. Trix appeared on VUZU's V-Entertainment highlighting his EP's release and appeared on Morning Live on SABC2 for an interview and performance. The music video for the lead single on the EP "Fun" was playlisted on Channel O.


Lil Trix was also recognized as one of the 25 up-and-coming rappers under 25 you need to stop sleeping on by OkayAfrica in 2017.



Extended Plays

  1. ZULO (2017)



  1. Who Is Lil Trix? (2009)
  2. The Elevation (2009)
  3. My Autobiography (2009)
  4. The Lil Trix Display (2010)
  5. Trixtape (2010)
  6. Trixtape II (2011)
  7. Trixtape III (2011)
  8. Colour Me Bad (2013)